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3D Healthy Back supporter

3-Dimension design naturally curved to the back protecting your lower back. Promote the vertebrae straight Reduce the oppression of lower back Relax tight muscle groups

Barre, Stretch Multi-function Fitness Stand

A simple, portable total-body strengthener, the multi purpose ALL-IN-ONE Fitness Bar stand, offers Barre exercises, versatility in strength training and provide calf massage , uniqe design for Foot stretch with just one piece of equipment. Work the arms, chest, back, and core muscles using your own

Power Twister 48CM

With the Power figure twister, you are spinning your way to a Body twister stomach in an upright position. The idea is to place your feet over the footprints on the Figure Twister, and rotate your body from right to left. With the Figure Trimmer, you can set your own pace and time frame. It is a w

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